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Nurturing a Quiet Spirit

New blog post: Nurturing a Quiet Spirit

I find it difficult to have a quiet spirit in this busy world, in this generation where efficiency is the focus and a culture where we can get everything instantly in the tip of our hands. On reflection, I have found that things get done when you are skilled and capable, but life is found when amongst all that chaos you find quietness.

I want to share with you my journey as I nurture a quiet…

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Magnifying God.

There are two ways to magnify:

1) Microscope - makes something small seem bigger than it is. 

2) Telescope - let’s people see how big the object really is.

If you’re magnifying God in a “microscopic” way, YOU’RE BLASPHEMING. God doesn’t need you to make him seem better, He is the best! Magnifying him in a “telescopic” way allows people to see what God really is! Many people don’t see the greatness of God because our lives are not radiating His light.

Go and telescopically magnify God in everything you do :) 

-John Piper

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