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This is something interesting that happened to me yesterday, and what I learnt from it after. 

I was just reading my bible at Queenstreet Mall, Brisbane because I was early for an appointment, when a man tapped on my shoulder and said, “Hi I see that you’re reading the bible, would you care to tell me what you believe in?” The conversation led to this question about the “trinity”, and he told me that the word “trinity” is not mentioned at all in the Bible, and that one “should not add on to the scriptures” as he quoted from revelations. That is why he says that Jesus said only FEW will enter through the narrow gate, which is implying that Christian churches are telling lies and are not following God. (There were a lot of other issues that we talked about too, but i won’t go into detail here.)

I don’t doubt at all why we believe in the trinity, I am just ashamed that I never thought of looking deeper into it. After talking to my pastor, I realized that the name “trinity” given to the idea of God the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one isn’t important, it would be any name, but the idea of the unity of the three is definitely biblical. John 10:30 Jesus told the Jews that “[He] and the Father are one”, and Jesus prayed for His disciples “so that they may be one as we [Jesus and the Father] are one”, John 17:11. Another time, Jesus told Philip that “anyone who has seen me has seen the Father”, John 14:9. 

The book of John emphasized on the fact that God the Father and Jesus the Son are one, yet they are also distinct from one another. 

The Bible is so cool! :) Remember not to be too caught up in arguing about our knowledge of the bible though, but always show them the love that God has shown us.

-Euo (& some quotes from my pastor Simon Wong)

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